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Congratulations on the Sales start of the app on "App Lab".

Can I get "Lab Key" when I wait? Or do I need to send an email to you?

Thank you.


Hi Boby5170!

I hope you're well! 

Sorry for the delay, we have been very busy with the preparations of releasing our game to App Lab, as you have mentioned! 

We are not yet distributing the keys as Oculus still has some requirements for us to fulfil until we begin doing so, we are working hard on this and we will ensure everyone who has purchased the game on Itch will receive the latest App Lab download! 

I would like to thank you for keeping up to date on the progress of our game, it's great to have community members as excited as we are!

All the best & thanks again.


OK. I wait.

I received the code. Thank you.

Hi Boby5170!

No problem, we hope you enjoy playing the latest version of Bubble Boogie! 

All the best & thanks!


Are you planning  release the game on app lab?

And if yes,  will i get a app lab key    if i buy the game now on ?

Best regards

Hi Angedlm!

Firstly, thanks for your interest in our game!

We are planning to release on App Lab yes, thanks for asking! 

After we release, we will distribute app lab keys to anyone who purchases through

If there are ever any issues with this: contact us at, we're happy to help! 

All the best,


Good news for app lab.

I just bought the game to encourage and support the development, but I would probably wait until I have the game on applab to play it. All the best for your game.